Wednesday, 19 September 2012

60's fashion: MOD trend 2012



 Modernist girls wore straight, knee-length skirts and male-style shirts, which would be worn with a box-shaped jacket, patent-leather shoes and three-quarter length suede coats. This was marked contrast to the traditional womens style of the 50's. They also had their own style of make-up (with the eyes being the prominent feature) using thick eyeliner, plucked eyebrows, and little or no lipstick.
As the fashion of mtwiggyod girls changed from an underground into a more commercialized style it was developed by designers into something entirely modern. Models like Twiggy (who had been a mod herself) began to exemplify the high-fashion mod look, with the ever decreasing hem-line of the mini skirt, brightly coloured patterns and high boots becoming prevalent.

The Mod trend still returns to the fashion world every year. The Shift dress is the most popular item, that will never go out of fashion. Below is some key pieces I have added to my own MOD wish list:

From top left: Military coat £48 and blue zippered shift dress £80 Topshop.
Black and white shift dress on sale at £25.00 Joy
Dogtooth blouse £30.00 River island
Wine cigarette jeans £45 Urban outfitters


 A little extra statement piece you could also add is this bag from amazon at £31.99

* I dedicate this post to my dad. xx

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