Thursday, 28 February 2013

Amazon Wish List Thursdays: Part Six

Hello ☆

(image: we heart it) 

This has to be one of my favourite wish lists i have made so far. The top layer is very monochrome and the bottom layer contains some very bold/ colourful products. Mainly fashion this time but still added two handy books that i really would like to purchase. ♥

Amazon wishlist
1.'No Photos Please' Sweat shirt  £10.95 / 2. Monocrome Bodycon Dress £16.00 / 3. Cream And Black Marcella Skater Dress £26.99 / 4. Disaster Designs - Bon Voyage - Travel Wallet £26.80 / 5. Glitteratti Women's Bethania Platforms Heels £16.00 / 6. F*ck! I'm in My Twenties £5.24 / 7.Yellow clutch handbag £16.50 /

1. Although slightly cheesy, i really like this jumper. Its a perfect, ironic piece for fashion bloggers who spend most of their days taking pictures of themselves. The jumper comes in black, cream, light grey and peach but i think my favourite is the light grey shade. Also the price is very pleasing at £10.95. 

2. I seem to be going through a monochrome phrase at the moment and have been on the hut for the perfect evening/ party dress. I fell in love with this number as soon as i spotted it on a fellow blogger. The black pattern gives a slimming, flattering look to the wearer and is a bargain at £16.00. 

3. My collection of skater dress is really starting to take over my wardrobe and i really should start buying some different styles. However i cant resist buying them and I'm really considering purchasing this Aztec number. I love the cut out neckline and feel in will be a great addition to my summer wardrobe. 

4. I love this little travel wallet. It is something that will come in handy for me on our summer holidays. The wallet features the lovely shabby chic floral Bon Voyage design, including cute images of maps, postcards, stamps and other travel motifs, it even has a mini paper plane sealed in plastic on the front! The front also features a handy checklist great for double checking on departure, and inside there are ample pockets and slots for storing reservations, documents, tickets, currency and of course the all-important passport! On top of all that there is a cute little zipped pouch for storing "Loose change and little things" as well as a pocket for a pen! It is slightly pricey at £26.80 but with my organisation skills, i feel it will be worth the price in the end. 

5. I don't know if i would actually wear these 'ruby red slippers' due to the heel but i have still fallen in love with them. I have been a massive Wizard of oz / Wicked fan since i can remember and have always wanted a pair even if i would just place them on a self on display. They are currently reduced from £40 to £16 which is a bargain! 

6. F*ck! I'm in my twenties is a book written by Emma Koeing. I have heard some amazing recommendations from my friends. Most saying it is one of the funniest books they have read.  The book description is as follows: 'Everyone has that moment, the realisation that adulthood has arrived, like a runaway train, and there's no getting out of its way. From the hit tumbler blog of the same name, F*ck! I'm in my Twenties perfectly captures the new generation currently testing the waters of adulthood. Quick-witted and self-deprecating, the author pens irreverent missives, DIY diagrams, illustrations and tongue-in-cheek checklists that chronicle her experience as a twenty-something living in the big city. Including the best of her beloved blog, plus over 50% new material, this is a perfect impulse buy for anyone who has a love-hate relationship with their twenties'. Definitely very curious to read this. 

7. At the moment i do not own a clutch bag. My hand bag collection mainly consists of Satchels, over sized bags, and rucksacks. I think it is about time i added a clutch to my collection. I really want a yellow neon one just because i love how it adds colour and a bold statement to an outfit. This one is perfect at £16.50. 

Hope you enjoyed this weeks wish list. Which ones are your favourite products? 

Gem xx 

Double denim and hearts: an out fit post

Shirt: Primark
Jeans: Primark 
Boots: Primark 
Collar pin: Ever Ours 

Hello ♥

How lovely is this denim shirt?! It was the first thing i noticed in Primark on a recent shopping trip. I felt it kind of matched the recent LFW Burberry show with the love heart print. I just love it. Primark are really upping their game with the new spring/ summer collection. I teamed the shirt with my dark blue jeggings but I was a little apprehensive about wearing double denim. However, i think the overall outfit looks OK. The collar necklace came from Ever Ours, a new Internet store i am absolutely loving at the moment. It was a bargain at £2 and i have been wearing it with everything! 

Hope you are all having a lovely Thursday?! 

Gem x

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

What to wear wednesdays

what to wear to a festival

Hello ☼

This post is probably extremely early with it still being February but i like to plan my wardrobe early and also with tickets nearly sold out, i'm guessing everyone is just as excited as i am for the summer festival season. Lets pray the rain will hold off this year, the Isle of Wight festival was a nightmare!! I want to list a couple of the main British festivals and help you to decide what to wear to each one. 

Dance and Electronic

Dance Festival

Rucksack £28 Topshop / Wellies £9.99 The Hut /
  Sunglasses £22 The Iconic / Dress £12.99 New Look / 
Head band £23 Roses and Lemons at Etsy /
  Bracelets £18 River Island / 

Metal Festivals 

Metal Fest

Pop Festivals 

Pop festival

Rock Festival

Rock festival

What festivals will you be attending this year?

Gem x

Sunday, 24 February 2013

My shop of the week: Mr Shoes

Hello ★

This week i am absolutely loving Mr-Shoes. Mainly because they are offering buy one get one half price on all their amazing shoes at the moment. I just can't resist a bargain and pretty shoes.

Even though winter is still refusing to leave and with the bitter temperatures and snow this weekend, I still find myself dreaming of cute dresses, sunglasses and a day at the beach with a good book and cocktails. I have already started updating my wardrobe from winter to spring / summer and I'm now on the hunt for the perfect shoes. My wish list below included cute flats,  sandals  and heels which will look amazing with my summer wardrobe. 

1. Crochet Toms £44.99 / 2. Sling back wedges £14.99 / 

1. Irregular Choice court shoes £59.99/ 2. Nova studded boots £24.99 /
 3. Asha T-bar Platforms £39.99 / 4. Toffee apple jelly wedges £44.99 /
5. Orla Gladiator sandals £24.99 / 6. Raven Platform Mint Wedges £29.99 /

Hope you all have had a lovely weekend?

Gem xx

Thursday, 21 February 2013

My Amazon Wish List Part five

Hello ♥

Another random wish list today containing products i have been lusting over this week including this cute puppy above. I don't think i can buy him on amazon but i would love another Lab. So cute!
amazon wishlist 5

1. Fulton Lulu Guinness Birdcage Umbrella £31.99 / 2. Hoss Intropia Dress £199.95 / 3.General Mills Lucky Charms £14.97 / 4. Reflex Yellow Strap Watch £5.19 / 5. Mad About Macarons! Recipe book £6.89 / 6. Keith Kimberlin Cat Watch / 7. Brown Skull Scarf Handbag £19.95 / 8. Hi top wedges  £34.99  / 9. Enrapture Encode Totem Hair Styler £37.80

Hope you enjoyed my wish list. Please check out my Giveaway to win a £20 Amazon Gift card. 

Gem xx

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mr Selfridge: Get the Look

Mr selfrigde
Hello ★

Something a little bit different from my normal Wednesday post today. Recently I have been really addicted to the new T.V series, Mr. Selfridge. I love all types of period dramas and secretly wish i could live in those eras with a stately home, fine jewels, corsets and Mr. Darcy galloping towards me on a white stallion. It that just me? 

The t.v series is set in 1910 and tells the story of a man, Harry Gordon Selfridge, with a mission to open a department store on Oxford street that changes the way people shop. He wanted women to experience the same trills as sex when shopping and also to gain a sense of empowerment. 

I love the costume design in the show but not too sure about the bird nest hairstyles featured on the two main shop assistants Doris and Kitty. My favourite outfits of the show have to be the dresses and elaborate hats worn by the wealthy ladies of Selfridges.

Around the time Selfridges opened, female independence was beginning to spread including the beginning of the suffragettes. The costumes designed by James Keast, who also worked on Titanic back in 1997, maintained the authenticity of the era with wonderful large brimmed hats, lavish furs, jewels and feathers. Make up was a rarity though.

Get the look: Lady Mae

(images: Itv)

Lady Mae

Feather cape £65 Biba at House of Fraser / Dress £18 House of Fraser / Biba mini lace pillbox £80 House of Fraser / Necklace Aliexpress/ Handbag £35 A-wear / 

Have you been watching Mr. Selfridge? What to you think of it? 

Gem xx