Monday, 11 March 2013

My Mother's Day: A lifestyle post

Hello ♥

Yesterday was Mother's day as you all will know. I had a really lovely day, which was all planned at short notice but very successful in my opinion. I was treated to some beautiful daffodils from my sons (above) and my hubby brought me the nicest Thornton's chocolates. How cute is the box! 

Being the most forgetful couple ever, we completely forgot to send off our mother's day cards to my mother in law. We felt awful so decided at last minute to travel to the Isle of Wight to surprise her.

We took the very early morning ferry from Southampton with tired eyes and dreams of being back in our warm beds but it was going to be a fabulous day so that got us through. On our arrival, we hid from the house ready to shout surprise only to find our mum had gone to church. We were slightly too early. All was OK though, my husband's sister was home to greet us and help us prepare her gifts on the dining room table. When she did get home, her face was a picture. She was so happy to see us and to the give the boys lots of cuddles. I wish i took more pictures from this time to show you guys but it completely slipped my mind. After lots of chats, cakes, and a cuppa we decided to visit the local Owl and Monkey sanctuary as the boys have been bugging us to go for a while now. As always, it always turns into children's day rather than Mother's day. However, i am a huge monkey lover so was secretly excited about going there. 

The Owl and Monkey haven were offering free entry for Mums on Mother's day which was a lovely bonus. Especially when there were six of us all together and visiting these places isn't cheap. The sanctuary was lovely though, smaller than i expected but we had a nice time. Below our a few of my snaps from the day so you can kind of get the idea of what we saw and got up to. 

Sporting my new boots from Boo hoo. 

We only stayed at the Monkey haven for an hour as it was so cold. I can't believe this wintry weather we have having at the moment. I guess the whole of Britain is wishing for summer to hurry up right now. We decided for our afternoon entertainment to pop to Morrison's for cakes, sandwiches and scones to create a nice high tea followed by a film. Again, i forgot to take photos of this, so sorry about that.

Overall,  my mother in law and I had a lovely Mother's day. So many memories were made and cakes consumed. How did you spend your Mother's days?

Gem xx

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  1. I love the idea of an owl and monkey sanctuary - I love owls AND monkeys so would be perfect! Such a shame its so far away from me though :)
    Glad you had a nice mothers day!