Thursday, 31 January 2013

Lace collars: An out fit post.

Dress £14 Primark 
Chelsea boots Primark
Belt Primark 

My Amazon Wish list Part two

Hello ★

After the success of my last Amazon wish list, I have decided to make it a weekly feature. Every Thursday i am going to post a new Amazon wish list showing the products I have been mostly lusting after. 

Todays wish list is quite random with gadgets and a few things for the home and for myself. 
Amazon Wish list part two

1. Oh my goodness, this camera. It is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 Instant Film Camera in White. As a big fan of photography, i love the idea of being able to print off your photos as soon as they are taken. When i was growing up, i owned a Polaroid camera and was constantly taking pictures of everything i saw. My bedroom wall was just one big collage of memories. I miss that camera, so when i saw these cute cameras on Amazon, i fell in love. They come in a variety of colours from pastels to neons and from Mickey mouse to Hello Kitty. The one i have featured is the smallest camera in this range and costs only £45.95.

2.  This Batman jumper was made famous by the super model Cara Delevingne. As soon as she was photographed in one similar, super hero prints were everywhere. This is obviously not the exact jumper she wore but comes pretty close. This version costs only £6.85 but only comes in one size.

3.  How cute is this Kitsound Panda Iphone Speaker Dock. I currently have a pig speaker dock which has unfortunately now given up on life. This one cost £49.99 and is a very good contender for my replacement dock.

4. Wreck This Journal: To Create is to Destroy is a book i have seen on many of my favourite blogs. It is not your typical journal that you write your thoughts in, doodle in, add pictures etc as well as keeping it in pristine condition. This journal is for breaking the rules, getting dirty and basically asks you to destroy it. Reading all the reviews, they intrigue me to check it out myself. Will write my own review, along with more information about it when i get my hands on one.

5. Yankee Candle Large Black Cherry Jar . Having tried most yankee candles, black cherry is my absolute favourite one. The scent fills the whole house but is not too over whelming. With a cat and a dog in the house i need these in my life.

6. The Real Techniques Core Collection Kit is something i have been after for a while. My current brushes have become rough and tatty so have be asking fellow bloggers advice on the best brushes to buy. Every single one of them told me to purchase the real technique brushes. I have been slightly hesitant to buy them due to the price ( £20.99 on Amazon) but have been informed they are definitely worth the splurge.

7. This Bambi Fawn Lamp is the cutest piece of home wear i have seen for a long time. Although it is probably best seen in a children's room, i would love to have it on my bedside table. It is a costly £79.99 so will probably remain on my wish list. Let me know if you have seen any cheaper version around.

Thanks for reading and hope you are having a lovely Thursday.

Gem x

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Holiday glow from Look Beauty: A review

Hello ★

Another beauty post for you today. The product of the day is the Look Beauty Holiday glow bronzer. The shade of this one is 'Hollywood - shade 1'. 

I went to my local super drug at the weekend in search of a decent bronzer as a lot of people lately have been commenting on how pale i look. I am an anaemia suffer with naturally pale skin, so i do have a lot of days looking like a ghost.

Anyway, i came across the Look Beauty counter and picked up a couple of their products including this one. As you may already know, Look beauty has come from Look magazine and has surpassed my expectations. Their makeup is very reasonably priced and amazing quality. The Holiday Glow bronzers come in square metallic packaging, which are quite bulky but I suppose they will protect the blush from damage. The compact also has a large mirror inside which for me is ideal for those on the go touch ups.

The Holiday Glow bronzers come in three shades which are Hollywood, Rio and Ibiza. I decided to buy the Hollywood shade as it seemed a lot more suitable for my skin. It is a warm toned mix of brown and pink shimmer and although seems dark in the compact, it is actually quite light on the skin. On most skin tones this would be an ideal blush or bronzer but deeper skin tones it can be used as a highlight. When applied, I found it very soft in texture enabling me to blend easily. Also the bronzer felt soft on the skin, without any dreaded caking. Just what you need in a beauty product.

Overall, i found Holiday Glow - Hollywood very easy to apply and with my greasy skin, lasted the whole day. My skin is sun kissed and now everyone tells me i am looking really healthy. Just what i was after. From Superdrug this product will set you back £8 but is currently on offer for £5.

Gem x

Floral boots and swallow collars: an outfit post.

Hello ♥

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all have had a lovely day today? Today i was planning on writing up a Primark haul but decided to turn it into a couple of outfit posts. I feel clothes can be seen better on a person rather than displayed on a bed. Everything you can see on me above was brought in Primark at the weekend so will still be in stock if you see something you like. 

The Swallow blouse cost £10 and also comes in white. I was stood in the shop for a while debating which colour to get. I even stopped a lady for advice and she said the white one. I went with the black in the end as wearing white with two children and a shredding Labrador can be disastrous. Although, my next visit to Primark might see me buying the white blouse. I love the collar so much especially when i wear it with a round neck jumper. So cute. 

The boots were my best buy at £18. I have been after a pair of Doc Martens for so long. I can never afford them but when i found these in Primark, i got slightly excited. They're a near copy, not exact. The material is not leather but a thick canvas type. They had many different varieties of colours but i decided on the floral pattern. Felt they will look lovely with a dress in the summer. 

I have a few more items to show off in up coming posts. Stay tuned. 

Gem x

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Topshop wishlist

Topshop wishlist

Hello ♥

Since becoming a blogger, all i seem to think about is clothes. I seem to be spending and spending to keep up with the latest trends. I have had to stop now and instead only write out wish lists of pieces i would like to add to my wardrobe. Topshop is definitely my downfall when i ever i walk past the store. There are so many things i wanted for a while now. Above are a small selection of pieces which are on the top of my list to buy. 

Number one is the classic parka coat. This is a lovely thick plain one for £60. I have noticed everything seems to be studded or camouflaged at the moment and I feel this one will stay on trend for a lot longer.
Number two is the very gorgeous mirror bird t shirt. You just cant beat a classic white t shirt and i also cant resist anything with swallows. The t-shirt costs a very pleasing £15. 
Number three is something which i have been searching everywhere for, but just haven't found the right one that suits me. I have tried this one in store and loved it. The length is perfect and will go well with the bird tee tucked in. The price is a little higher than other skirts i have found at £38. 
Number four is bang on trend for this season. Tartan is everywhere and this shirt will be perfect to pair with some leggings/ disco pants thanks to its longer length. It costs £38 but have found similar shirts in Primark, H&M and New Look. 
Numbers five, six and seven are three of the most gorgeous skater dresses i have found. Skater dresses are just my type of dress. The fitting of them are so generous and so flattering, and i think they're perfect with a biker jacket and chelsea boots. The burgundy one is definitely my favourite due to its 1940's vintage look. 
Finally number 8 is my three favourite colours of nail varnish in the Topshop range. The beige and turquoise will look gorgeous for spring time, and the mermaid nails for an evening out. 

I could easily have everything at the moment in store. Spring/ summer collections are the best collections, so many cute prints, bold colours , and so many beautiful dresses.

What is on your wish lists for the spring/ summer? 

Gem x

The Liebster Award.

Hello ♥

Over the weekend i was very kindly nominated for a Liebster award by Stefichop's beauty blog. This is not my first nomination but i thought i best give one a go. Thank you very much Stefi! 

The Liebster award is passed on through bloggers with under 200 GFC followers and helps to promote their blogs. The rules are fairly simple: 

1. Nominees must link back the person who nominated them. 

2. Once nominated you must write 11 random facts about yourself. 

3. You must also answer the 11 questions from the person that has nominated you. 

4. Come up with 11 questions to ask the 11 people you have nominated for the award. 

11 Random Facts About Me. 

1. I have a phobia of wasps and bees
2. I am addicted to energy drinks
3. I walk five miles a day
4. I have ten tattoos
5. My favourite food is sweet potato mash
6. Ignorance annoys me
7. My dream is to live in America
8. I still can not drive
9. When i was growing up i wanted to be a Vet
10. Instead I joined the R.A.F
11. I love musical theatre 

There you go. 11 random facts, some a little embarrassing. 

Questions from Stefichops

1. How do you like to spend your free time?

I love to play games with my two boys as well as spending a lot of time walking, and watching films with my husband. 

2. What's the reason behind your blog name?

I wanted to include my name and something which matches the content of my blog. As there is no set theme i chose "Thoughts and Loves". So i can basically write about anything i want to. 

3. Sweet or Savoury foods?

Savoury. Although i try to keep the amount i eat to a minimum. I love sausage rolls and crisps. Actually, this is a hard question because i also love cupcakes. I don't know which to choose. 

4. Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Hopefully i will be in a full time career with some more qualifications in child care. Also i would love to own a cottage by the sea. 

5. One thing that irritates you about the same sex? 

Bitchiness and the need to be competitive. Life is too short to hate each other. Also girls can really hold grudges. 

6. Most used make up item?

My collection 2000 black eyeliner and Maybelline Mascara. I can never leave the house unless my eyes are done. 

7. Favourite childhood memory? 

Walking dartmoor every weekend with my dad. So peaceful and magical up there. 

8. If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, which one you choose?

Topshop. I love that store to death. Their clothes last forever (except their jewellery) and always find some lovely pieces in there. 

9. Who is your celebrity idol for make up and hair? 

Scarlet Johansson. I love her classic look and her hair is always perfect. 

10. Do you have any life time regrets if so what and why?

Yes, quite a few. Such as meeting my abusive ex and leaving the R.A.F but hey you can't change the past but you change your future. 

11. Who inspires you most in your life?

My Dad. He has had a tough time in life and is still so strong. He helps me through my own bad times. 

My nominees 

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Questions for my nominees 

1. Why did you start blogging?

2. What is your favourite shampoo?

3. Dogs or Cats?

4. What is your most worn nail colour?

5. What is your all time favourite film?

6. If you could look like any celebrity who would it be?

7. What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

8. What makeup product could you not live without?

9. What is your favourite place to shop?

10. Going clubbing or staying in watching movies?

11. Favourite city to visit?

So there are my eleven nominees and eleven questions. I look forward to hearing all your responses. 

Gem xx

Monday, 28 January 2013

My place or yours? Benefit's Gina perfume review.

Hello ♥

Another Benefit product to review today. As I said in my "They're Real" review i purchased the Gina goes glam gift set from the benefit website for £19.67. Other than the mascara, this gorgeous perfume was included in the box alongside a small sample of "The pore-fessional" which i am yet to try. 

On to the perfume: 

If benefit wasn't so expensive I think I would own their entire range. I am a massive fan of their fountains and blushers and love how they make my skin look and and feel. As i don't have a high disposable income, i have to very slowly build up my Benefit collection. Because of this i was very happy to discover this perfume in the sale. I have tried it before i brought it on line, at the Benefit counters in Debenhams and immediately fell in love with it. The first thing i thought when i saw the perfume sat on the counter was that it was such a different looking bottle of perfume, sort of like a  gold cocktail shaker covered in lovely patterned paper. The only bad thing being that you can't see when you are getting low. The Gina perfume comes from a line of four from Benefit's Crescent Row range. I had a tester card of all four but something drew me to this perfume as there was something slightly unusual about it. 

The perfume is described as a 'seductively, provocative and woody oriental scent' which i think is an accurate description. I also noticed a hit of raspberry but was not an overpowering fruity scent. I have never smelt this before which made the perfume even better in my opinion. I would say it is a fragrance for the evening, but will also be suitable for wear in the day if you have a lunch date or work meeting. 

Another great feature of this fragrance is that it lasts most of the day. I still smelt it on my arm and neck after five hours of wear. This is ideal if you are a busy professional or plan to stay up till the early hours of the morning. Very pleased with this. 
Overall, I am in love with this perfume. I really hope Benefit don't discontinue it as i have heard it has been on sale for a while. The full sized product of 30ml will set you back £29.50, which i think for a benefit product, is pretty reasonable, especially with its staying power. I love the woody, oriental scents and feel Benefit have done a great job with this one. 

Hope you are having a great day. 
Gem x

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Benefit "They're Real" Mascara review.

Hello ♥

Time for me to start writing up some beauty reviews. I will probably be blogging about a new product everyday this week, starting with the very popular Benefit They're real mascara.

This product was recommended to me by literally everyone, from bloggers to personal friends. I feel though that everyone has different preferences when it comes to makeup, so without splashing out too much money on a product I potentially won't like,  I have got my hands on a small sample size mascara. This was included in Benefit's Gina goes glam gift set which i brought on the sales page of their website for £19.67. 

The plastic comb has plastic bristles on the tip so you could easily get into the harder to reach areas of your eyes like the inner corners of the lash line and lower lashes. Not really something i have used before but i am impressed with this concept.

When I first used this product on my lashes, I wasn't too blown away. I am currently using Maybelline's Cats eyes which i love to pieces so I'm sorry to say this mascara doesn't beat it for me. I feel it only beats the cats eyes mascara in the fact that it doesn't clump up. 

(please excuse the crazy eyes pic) You can kinda of see in the photo how the mascara makes my eye lashes look fuller and longer, but this is with five coats applied. Maybe i got an duff product or something as most reviews state they only needed one. 

I love having long lashes and if I add five layers of Benefit "they're real" then it does kind of look like I'm wearing falsies. For me the mascara is not worth the price, especially hearing that it drys up after a month. So overall, i will not be repurchasing this mascara and instead will be sticking with my Maybelline's cats eyes. 

What did you think of this product? 

Gem x

Saturday, 26 January 2013

A post on children's wear: Barratts shoes...

Hello ★

Something a little different today. I know quite a lot of my readers also have children, so i am hoping that this post would be welcomed. This is my four year old son Tom, a very active and cheerful little boy. He is like his mum and loves playing dress up so when Barratts generously sent him some new shoes to review, i struggled to calm him down with his excitement.

We chose to review the very cute but smart brogue lace up shoes. They cost a very reasonable £22, and are excellent quality. Tom tells me they are very comfortable too. As an active child, he has been running around the house, around the park and round the shops today without any complaints so they must be comfortable. 

These Brogue lace up shoes come in infant sizes 8 to 13 and junior sizes 1 to 2.  They come in navy blue and features three eyelets with brogue detailing. The sole is thick which means they will last constant wear so definitely worth the money. I chose them as they look stylish and up to date with current trends. Also they match a pair of brogues that i own, which makes them so much cuter or is that weird to dress like your mum?  

I am a regular browser of the Barratts website as i find it so simple to use and the transaction is so smooth and quick. Just the way i like it. In fact it is where i buy most of the boys shoes, especially for school. Their delivery has never disappointed me either. These shoes arrived super quick and without any dramas. With all the stresses of motherhood, a great service is what you need so i definitely  recommend giving Barratts a visit. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and have a good weekend. 

Gem and Tom x

If you enjoyed this post, my eldest son Alfie also reviewed some lovely Barratts shoes. He chose Moshi Monsters hi tops which you can see over on my family blog.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Previews of Dixi's new collection.

Hello ♥

One of my favourite Internet stores is Dixi which sells modern and vintage clothing and jewellery. I am admittedly a huge fan and visit their website almost daily. So, when they asked on twitter who would like previews of their new collection set for release on the 27th January 2013 (at 10 a.m to be exact) , i immediately jumped at the chance. 

Dixi have asked me to share these previews with you guys. As an extra bonus they have given me a free U.K delivery code for you to use. This is: BLOGGERDISC. The only terms being that you will need to spend over £15 to get this discount and to use it before 3rd February. 

So ready for the previews? 

The items that i am loving the most are defiantly those maxi skirts. I live in them in spring so will probably be grabbing myself one of these. Also as a crystal lover i really need that purple heart necklace. So lovely. What are your favourite items from these previews? Let me know in the comments. Also feel free to check out their current stock before the items above are released. Some lovely pieces there at 

Gemma xx

A cat jumper and a photo bombing dog.

Jumper - Ever Ours 
Jeans - Primark
Shirt - Topshop
Hiking Boots - Amazon
Earcuff - Topshop 

Hello ★

Happy Thursday. Its nearly the weekend thank goodness. Been feeling this week has been going a little slow. Today i thought i would show you this amazing cat jumper from Ever Ours which costs only £5. Amazing. I feel it is defiantly worth more as the material is so thick and warm. What do you think of it? 

I have been wearing this jumper to death since the postman pushed it through my letter box, and i love that i can wear it with my large collection of collars and shirts. Also as the jumper is a longer length, i can wear it with leggings/ disco pants. The perfect jumper in my opinion. 

I first discovered Ever Ours through twitter and immediately fell in love with everything in their shop. The prices are crazy cheap to. I have also brought their skull shirt which i plan to write up a post about at the weekend. Their customer service is amazing, only made better by the fact they included the cutest little mouse ring in my parcel.