Monday, 14 January 2013

Fun in the snow. A lifestyle post…

As one of my 'blogging' new years resolutions i decided to merge my family blog with my fashion blog. I hope this is OK with you guys. I was finding writing two blogs too much and my family blog wasn't really getting enough readers to warrant all my hard work. Looking at other blogs i have seen that mixed themed blogs do quite well, so hopefully i won't lose any followers for talking motherhood. I promise though it will be mainly fashion and beauty posts but i am defiantly aiming for a post a day.

So on to today…

Thanks to my Facebook and twitter feeds i knew even before i pulled open the curtains i would be greeted with a beautiful view. Snowflakes were falling and my garden was white. I love snow days but i admit they can be a pain in the neck. But whoever you are you can't help but want to start a snowball fight or compete with your neighbours to build the best snowman. Not every part of it is fun. Walking in it to school was a challenge and we had a few near slips. Also it stops you from being able to go anywhere.  As a kid you wish for the snow to come but as a adult you grow to hate it.  

These photos were taken on our morning school run. I had promised the boys we would build a snow man when they returned but unfortunately by lunch time the snow had melted. I have heard we are expecting more snow soon so hopefully they can build their snowman then. 

Gem xx

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  1. No way! Anyone who would stop following you is someone you don't want anyway! Merge away, your family and life affect your style!!!