Sunday, 26 August 2012

Maxi skirts


Maxi skirts are my must have for summer. If you hate showing your legs as much i do, they are perfect to wear on a hot day where anything other than shorts/ mini skirts, such as jeans and leggings, would be unbearable. They cover my legs, provide a cool breeze, suit my shape and frame, yet still look on trend and smart.

How to wear:

  • If you are short, wear a maxi skirt at your waist, rather than your hips to elongate the legs making you appear much taller. Also if your 'maxi' is too long, add some high wedges. They will give you some more height and make you feel more elegant.
  • If you are taller and find it hard to find a maxi skirt to fit you length-wise , try going for a maxi which is designed to be sat at the waist, and wear it on your hips. This way you are shortening the length and the appearance of your legs.
  • Maxi skirts are not just for summer or when it's hot, they can also be worn in the cold autumn/winter months. Simply put on a pair of leggings or tights underneath for a bit of added warmth.
What to wear with your 'maxi':
  • In the winter months, layer up with different t shirts, jumpers & scarves. I find that jersey like fabrics sit better for colder days.
  •  In the summer months, wear floaty fabrics, vest tops, and light tshirts.
  • As maxi skirts are so long, you can get away with wearing many different top variations and tucking them in. You could even wear a pretty dress or swimming costume underneath & all would be concealed.
  • For the evenings when its a bit cooler and you want to cover your shoulders, cropped jackets and blazers look best with maxi skirts, as it helps to balance everything out. I tend to opt for a cropped denim jacket for a more casual look, and if I'm going somewhere nice, I'll go for a cropped blazer.
  • Any type of shoes go with maxi skirts. I personally only wear gladiator sandals as that's what i feel more comfortable in but flip flops, boots, boat shoes, heels, and wedges also look great.
Overall, i love maxi skirts as you can dress them up or down and wear just about anything with them. They are perfect for covering up your legs while making you feel girly and elegant. Below i have added some images of ladies wearing their 'maxi' to give you some inpiration. :)


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