Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Kate Hudson starts a new trend: Pyjamas.

Kate Hudson, who is the Almay Global Brand Ambassador, attended the Launch of the new Almay Intense i-Color Bold Nudes and Smart Shade Mousse Makeup in New York wearing this Slouchy striped blouse with matching trousers, her long blonde hair worn in tousled waves completed her look.

The outfit is by Philip Lim from his 3.1 label. On the website, the outfit is described as:  Eclectic—yet rigorously focused—look which brings combined chic urban striping, and tropical florals on a sleek, minimalist silhouette. Named "flutility" by Phillip Lim, this fusion of flowers and utilitarian tailoring produces a uniquely covetable aesthetic. As for the pumps, they are not that special. They're Casadei, not exactly slippers. :)
 If you fancy following this comfy trend, the blouse will set you back £325 and the trousers are £391. If that kind of wallet damage doesn't keep you up at night, I am jealous of you.

I absolutely love the outfit but can't help but think it will be too high maintenance. I wouldn't be able to sit down in fear of creases and stains. On Kate though, It’s so chic and minimalist, allowing her natural beauty to shine though. This is a perfect, simple, clean look to be promoting makeup.

Kate Hudson seems to be well known at the moment for wearing 'the pyjama' trend. She was snapped at Heathrow airport with her son wearing stripey pyjama style trousers paired with heels and a black blazer. I must admitt, I cringed a little when i saw this picture. However, the girl is so pretty that she can wear out a bin bag and still look amazing. Plus, its a very comfy option for a long haul flight.

 Kate isn't the only one. Earlier in the year Stella McCartney started showing the trend in her catwalk shows. Celebrities such as Tilda Swinton and Rihanna are massive fans.

Would you wear this look outside your house? Do you think it is suitable for an Event?



  1. I absolutely love the pyjama look! I would wear it every day to work if I could afford it. To an event though... not too sure :)
    Kristina xx

  2. I think this would probably be one of those styles that will have to grow on me. At the moment, I wouldn't object to wearing it, but it wouldn't be my first taste. It must be comfy though!