Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My Dream Pandora Bracelet.

John Greed jewellers are holding an amazing Christmas competition for bloggers, giving you the chance to win your dream Pandora bracelet! All you have to do is create your dream Pandora bracelet from the John Greed website with a maximum spend of £250. I'm getting really into these competitions as you can see from my previous blog posts. As it that amazing time of year, I had to go with a winter wonderland/ Christmas theme.
Here is my Pandora dream bracelet for exactly £250.  

Pandora Christmas bracelet

The top selling bracelet is this Silver number. It is classed as a starter bracelet at £55.  I chose this so i could maximise my number of charms.
My favourite charm is the gingerbread man. This one cost £30. Gingerbread is my favourite baked goods at Christmas and thought this little man was so cute.
Next up is the polar bear. Again this costs £30.  I've always loved all things polar bear  related. Used to have a few bear toys when i was little.  Also I was keeping with the Winter/ Christmas theme so the bear was an obvious choice for me.
Who can have Christmas without a Christmas tree? This charm is quite expensive at £65. The star is 14ct Gold which is probably why. Very pretty charm though.
The Pandora Christmas stocking is the cheaper one at £25. It is very cute and love the little bear poking out of the top.
Finally, I added a little snow flake. I was attracted like a magpie to the ice blue gem. Very winter wonderland. This one costs £45.
Hope you like my bracelet. Fancy a go? Go to the John Greed website here.


  1. Love this! I have a Pandora bracelet that took me over a year to put together (I can't even imagine what it's worth now) and I absolutely love it!

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