Saturday, 8 December 2012

Shopping in the menswear department.

My husband hates shopping with a passion, so I mostly do it for him. As I'm looking through the men's sections, i have noticed that men's fashion is actually becoming quite feminine. The blazers, tshirts and trousers are alot more tailored and fashionable these days to the point where your man's clothes will go missing from their wardrobes and return smelling of your perfume. I admit i am often caught in my husband's hoodie. They are just so warm and cosy.
Looking at the girls walking through the high street i have realised I'm not the only one who likes the menswear-for-women thing. I guess it is officially becoming a trend now. However, I only like certain casual men's pieces and not completely dressing like a man. What I love to do is to take one or two men's pieces such as a blazer or jumper that are normally very masculine looking and make them part of a really girly outfit. However, i wouldn't be seen in my husbands baggy jeans. Not a flattering look. The outfit below is an example of how i would make a men's blazer more feminine. The blazer is £100 from, the shirt is by and costs £22 and the leather hot pants are £30 from

I really love this outfit, because even though the blazer is pretty masculine, I feel like the whole outfit together basically screams, I'm a girl!",  especially with the gorgeous hot pants.

Females wearing masculine suits have also been quite popular lately, with some celebrities choosing to wear one on the red carpet.

If you try this look be sure to add feminine touches like a cute handbag ,killer shoes or a bright lipstick colour.
Get the look

dress like a man

T By Alexander Wang / AllSaints wool jacket, £185 / McQ by Alexander McQueen jean jacket / Gérard Darel wide pants / Chloé elastic waist shorts / kangol black hat / Woolrich Men's Halifax Plaid Shirt, £37 / Massimo Dutti Plain Wool Tie, £43

"Some people talk about ya, like they know all about ya"


  1. Hi! I was thinking exactly the same today as I was raiding my husband's side of the wardrobe for warm winter clothes. I trundled off to H&M and headed straight for the men's section. The hoodies, jumpers & cardigans looked much cozier than the women's and wouldn't have looked out of place in that section.

    Also, I've always worn men's socks (women's socks are never thick enough! : )

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Hello. I do the same. i love H&M's menswear. Brought myself a tshirt in there once. Agree with the mens socks. Ive never worn ladies socks myself. x

  3. Okay good so I'm clearly not the only one who has noticed this. I have to admit while it's good for me it kind of sucks for him because now he's even harder to shop for!

  4. I love masculine tailoring and androgynous styling. I love how the lines blur in fashion :) great post! following x