Friday, 8 March 2013

A little bit of beauty on a Friday: Topshop Highlighter review

Hello ☆

Happy Friday! I find it is definitely the best day of the week as you cant beat that feeling of knowing that the weekend is here. During the week i rushed into the city to pick up some art supplies for my two boys. However, being a shopaholic, i couldn't resist popping into Topshop for a quick peek at their new spring/ summer range. So many lovely outfits to swoon over! I need to win the lottery as soon as possible. Anyway, i didn't buy any clothes but instead picked up a couple of their makeup products. I brought a couple of their pastel nail polishes for £5 each, which i will review later on but today i want to talk about their highlighter which i picked up for £10.  This product has been on the top of my wish list since before Christmas but i never got around to buying it for whatever reason. Knowing me it was probably the £10 price tag (yes, I'm tight). 

The Topshop highlighter comes in a black sturdy box with cute kitsch stars, just like all their beauty products, which i totally love! The product itself is encased in a white, round compact which features a tight clasp which prevents any nasty spillage in your handbag. The only negative thing i can say is that the compact doesn't come with a mirror which can be a little inconvenient. 

The highlighter comes in shades Crescent Moon and Sunbeam. The only one they had in stock at the time was sunbeam, so i settled with that. I wasn't upset by this, i actually love the shade but i think it will be better for summer when i have a little more tan on my face. Sunbeam is a beautiful gold highlighter with yellow undertones. It contains a small amount of glitter which leaves a glowy shimmer on your face. The product comes in the form of a powder product, but it does not feel powdery or chalky at all. It feels quite smooth and soft, and applies smoothly and easily on the skin. Only a little powder is needed for that glowy look so I foresee this product lasting me a very long time which justifies me paying the £10 for it. Also I found it to be easily applied with both a brush as well as with fingers, making it easy if I want to touch up during the day and do not have a brush on hand to do the job. 

Over all, I absolutely love this product and the golden shimmer it leaves on my face. I wore it to a little gathering the other day and so many people complimented me on how healthy it made me look. I definitely recommend giving this one a try. Have you tried this product or do you use any other highlighters that you think i should try?

Hope you have a great weekend.
Gem xx


  1. Loved this post, I don't have any topshop makeup atm but I would love to try it out!

    Check out my post on a Drug Store DUPE for YSL Touche Eclat Radiant Touch!

    Hazel X

  2. Great review! That looks an awesome highlighter!