Saturday, 16 March 2013

Ways to Follow Gemma's Thoughts and Loves


This is going to be a very brief post just to give some ideas on how to follow 'Gemma's Thoughts and Loves', which I felt was needed with all the google reader drama going on through twitter at the moment.  Also, I thought it might be handy to write a post with links to every single place you can read my blog through and also to say a big hello to any new followers. 

If you are a new follower/ reader, Hello and welcome. I love all my readers and appreciate each and everyone of you. Without you guys i would have given up on the blogging world a long time ago. My blog is a little space of happiness, fashion, beauty and a little taste of my family life thrown in at the weekends. I do try to post everyday but sometimes real life will get in the way. 

(image: we heart it)

Ways to Follow and places you can find me!

My Twitter handle is @gemma_stevens if you wish to come chat to me. I am currently really enjoying the #fbloggers and #bbloggers chats and have met some great peeps through there. Twitter has taken over my life and find i check it at least four times a day. 

Blog Lovin is the new GFC according to most bloggers. Twitter has recently gone mental with bloggers trying to get everyone moved over to this site. I agree that Blog Lovin is a better way to follow and read blogs. Its so much simpler to use so please seriously consider following me this way. I will love you for ever. 

Admittedly i don't really use Facebook as often as i should do. Twitter has taken over my life but i still share any new posts through there. So if you want to know when a new post is up, Facebook is a great option. 

Hello cotton is a bit like blog lovin but instead you are able to search for specific topics of interest. I am a regular on this site as it is a great way to discover new blogs. I am under my old blog name 'Gemma's Beautiful finds' on there as i haven't figured out how to change it yet. However it still links back to my main blog. 

I use tumblr on a regular basis. I never write anything on there as its just a photo dump for me. I share new outfit posts and love reblogging all the amazing pictures i find. I follow back anyone who follows me on tumblr. I just love this site. 

So that's everywhere that you can find Me! I am hoping to start up a little shop soon on this blog too which is exciting. I also have a notebook full of new post ideas coming up. Thats new things to look forward to. 

I hope this has been a useful one for you, and please consider following me through bloglovin if you already follow me on GFC. I really hope they don't shut it down. Fingers crossed! 

I hope you are having amazing weekends and are looking forward to spring/ summer

Gem x


  1. I just wanted to stay connected and let you know I'm switching all of the blogs I follow to Bloglovin (If you're on Twitter, I'm sure you know why) Follow me here: Blog Lovin Account. Thanks! RIP GFC :(

  2. OMG that pup is so cute!!
    I saw your post on the Company feed.
    Would love to follow each other on bloglovin?
    Let me know with a comment and I always follow back!
    You have a great blog and I love your style of writing!
    Love G xx

  3. I just nominated you for the liebster award, have a little look!
    Amy xx