Thursday, 25 October 2012

Last minute Halloween costume ideas.

Halloween is next week. Yay. My favourite time of year after Christmas of course. If you are like me though, everything gets left till the last minute.  I swore this time last year that I was going to plan for Halloween better.  Here it is, just days from Halloween, you’ve been invited to a party and you have absolutely nothing to wear–and the ideas are running pretty dry as well. OR even worse, your kids don’t have a costume to wear out trick-or-treating and they are looking to you for some solutions. (Mum’s can fix everything, right?) I have come up with some last minute costume ideas that might just help bail us out!

You’ll already have many of these items in your house. If you need to buy anything, check out the charity shops! My personal goal is to spend as little as possible and to have as much fun making the costume as I will wearing it.

1. Nerd
  • Short trousers or shorts, which you can get from a charity shop 
  • White socks
  • Black, clunky glasses, with white tape on the bridge
  • Shirt with top button fastened, either solid white or plaid
  • Optional: Suspenders, pocket protector, slide rule

2. Zombie
  •    Shred the clothing you are wearing a little bit and then add some dark makeup around your eyes, using a white powder or a more pasty colored makeup on the rest of the face.
  •   Mess up your hair–zombies always have bedhead.
  •  A must-have item for any proper zombie look is vampire blood and lots of it; this is especially effective around the mouth area.

3. Cereal killer
  • Find a white tshirt and cover it in red paint or lipstick
  • Stick plastic knives through some cereal boxes
  • Stick them to your tshirt

4. Mummy
  • This one is simple. Go have fun with some toilet roll or raid the first aid box at work. :)

5. Killer clown
  • Put as much makeup on as possible including making your lips massive. Add a little tear drop with some black eyeliner too or just cover your eyes in black.  
  • Wear the brightess clothes you can find and a wig if you have one.
  • Carry around a toy knife or not as clowns are scary enough.
6. Hogwarts pupil
  • A cape if you have one or a blanket will do
  • A red tie
  • A stick
  • Draw a lighting bolt on your forehead if you want to be harry
  • Grey clothes
7.  A pumpkin
    Snooki 2.0 - 2012 Halloween Costume Contest
  • An orange dress or tshirt
  • paint your face like a pumpkin
 8. Cast of Jersey shore
  • Find your biggest pair of hooped earrings
  • Use lots of fake tan or orange body paint
  • Wear lots of eyeliner and fake lashes
  • wear heels and tight clothing
  • Volumise your hair. The bigger the better.
9. The Ring
  • A muddy white dress or nighty
  • A black wig placed over your face
  • Blacken round your eyes

10. Black swan
  • A black vest and tutu
  • Pink tights and pumps
  • Find a toy tiara
  • Carefully paint your eyes similar to the pic below with black eyeliner
  • A feather boa if you have one might add a good effect

11. Twilight
  • (this is bad, im sorry) Wear casual clothes but put on a pair of plastic fangs and you can say you are any character you like.
  • Or, cover yourself in patches of grey faux fur and wear a shirt. You're Jacob! (oh dear)

12.  Rosie the riveter
  • tie your hair up and add a red headband
  • Put on a blue shirt
  • Walk around with your arm flexed

13. Doll
  • With a black eyeliner, draw two crosses over your eyes and one in the middle of your mouth.
  • Wear a sand bag or some pretty clothes
  • Put your hair in pig tails and tie with a ribbon

These are just a few that i had in mind and i hope they help a little. If you would like some funny and simple ideas check out my favorite You tuber Dailygrace whos videos i have posted below. Her ideas are so much much better than mine.

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