Sunday, 28 October 2012

Tiny primark haul

Oops i went to Primark again today. I just can't stay away from that place, but i still need winter clothes! Had a good rummage around but it was extremely busy in there today, strange for a Sunday, so lost the the patience to find anything. I went in there looking for a few day dresses and a leather jacket, no luck (sad face), I did however pick up these lovely items:
Pearl chain collar necklace, £4.00. Such a cute instant way of jazzing up an outfit. Primark had this in either black or white. The white seemed the better option as it will stand out more and will go with anything.

Black feather earrings with gold spikes, £2.00. Loved these earrings the minute i saw them. The spikes are on trend for autumn and are the perfect length. Would only wear these for a evening out as may turn my ears slightly black but still a good statement jewellery piece to have.
White gold studded vest top, £6.00. This was a slightly rushed impulse buy. Saw it by the till and decided to buy it. I liked the studs on it but having now tried it on at home I am not too sure on it. The vest is too baggy for my liking so may have to go back.
Burgundy belted skirt, £8.00. I have been after a skirt for a while now that i can wear with boots and tights. This one, being wool, is perfect for winter, dressed up or down. It is a mini length but not too short and comes with a thin black belt.
Jeggings in blue and grey, £7.00. I have so many pairs of these but hey i live in jeans so two more won't hurt. They are so comfy and go with anything. Also they provide me with a bit of tummy control (must get that gym membership). Jeggings are defiantly my winter essential.


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