Sunday, 14 October 2012

Whats trending? #Armcandy

Wearing one or two bracelets is just not sufficed these days! bracelet stacking is a new jewellery styling trend transitioning from the catwalk to the streets. at first glance these arm parties can look chaotic but with careful styling they can pull any look together and add sparkle.
be sure to pile up texture and mix and match different metals, colours and width sizes. whether its chains of silver and gold, woven braids, rhinestones, leather or studs - it’s all about creativity. so raid your jewellery box and pair your old classics with the new!
a few things to keep in mind when channelling this trend are :
- make your arm candy the eye catching piece and keep all other jewellery simple.
- stack them around a watch!! a look i love is men’s over sized watches on women!!
- wear short sleeves!!
- stack to fit your personality, some may prefer sleek metal bands, whilst others rock chunky chains and studs!
- be creative and add colour
Below are some bracelets on my wish list from ASOS

Image 1 of ASOS Chunky Bracelet With Moustache CharmImage 1 of ASOS Pack of Two Spike & Stone Bracelets
Image 1 of River Island Blogger Friendship Bracelets PackImage 1 of ASOS Cross Stretch Bracelet

Image 1 of ASOS Eye Skinny BangleImage 1 of ASOS Pack of Two Snake Stretch Bracelets



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