Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Singing in the rain or Hurricane Sandy.

Summers over, autumn is here and so is that nasty hurricane Sandy currently hitting New York. This is defiantly the perfect time to hibernate like a little bear but I'm human so i still need to leave my cosy house no matter the weather.  
Living in southern England i am always being rained on. As a kid, I loved the rain and thunder storms. There is nothing like the fresh smell it gives off and splashing in that enormous puddle. Now I'm grown up, i still love the smell but still would rather cosy up with a good movie and a hot chocolate than to go and play in it. As a busy mum without a driving licence i have to do a lot of walking so I think its now about time i invested in some waterproof essentials seeing as my wardrobe is extremely lacking in anything that's going to keep me dry this winter.

This outfit would be perfect for a day when it’s REALLY raining. The jacket is a PU sleeve mac from Rarelondon.com, it’s super waterproof and stylish at the same time. When paired with these fun yellow rain boots from Hunter and a cute umbrella, the overall look is functional and on trend at the same time especially with the colour block.
Singing in the rain

This outfit fits more with light rain or brief showers. Perfect for an autumn walk and really fits in with the heritage trend with a touch of vintage. The blouse is from Mirabella and costs £98, the cute snake skin handbag is marc jacobs £757 and the wellies are from Hunter at £78.
Rain or shine

Read on for my top 10 buys for those rainy days:

1. Clear Birdcage Umbrella

2. Wellington Boots

3. Rain Mac

4. A Woolly Hat

5. Snood


6. Leather Gloves

 7. Long sleeve dress (paired with tights)
8. Waterproof Handbag
9. Waterproof makeup
10. Cosy pyjamas to change in to once you're home



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  1. Love this post! I live in Holland, and practically every morning this time a year I have to bike to school in the rain.. Can't wait to get my driving license!

    X Rose