Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Being organised: some blog changes

Hello ☼

A quick post today. I have been thinking a lot lately about making this blog a little more organised. I popped into the city with the only intention to go to Paper chase. There i treated myself to a new note book and cute pen as well as a bargain find of a brand new macbook cover. I have been meaning to buy a book dedicated to blogging for a while now and it has been one of those things that i aways forget to buy. There were so many to choose from but decided on this small London print one as at the moment London is one of my favourite places in the world. 

The first page of my blogging notebook has been filled with a day to day plan of what i will be posting. This is because i have been struggling lately to find inspiration and also have been suffering a bit of  writers block. Knowing what i am going to write every day just makes things a little easier. Heres my plan: 
  • Monday = Outfit of the day 
  • Tuesday = No post
  • Wednesday = What to wear to ....
  • Thursday = Amazon wish list 
  • Friday = Beauty review
  • Saturday = Shop of the week
  • sunday = Lifestyle post (weekend roundup) 
Hope you like these post ideas and will enjoy reading them. Im trying to find more ideas at the moment to improve this blog so let me know if you have any for me. 

Gem x


  1. I want to start a routine of posts but mine are all so random that i dont know what i'd class them as. May give it a month or two before i start categorising them - but well done you! x

    1. Random is good sometimes though. Thank you Emma.

  2. I need to start using my blog book again, I feel all out of whack lately!
    The London design you chose is super cute :)


  3. This is such a good idea - I always think of things and forget them. I need to start using a notebook I think! x

    Made In A Cup

    1. Notebooks are so handy to have. Would recommend getting one.

  4. I always carry a book around and jot down ideas as soon as I think of them. Ruts happen but something great always comes up! Love that notebook it's so pretty.

    1. I like that idea. Was considering keeping my note book in my handbag in case i get any inspiration. :)