Monday, 4 February 2013

My Valentine's wish list: John Greed Blogger competition

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A little bit of a soppy post today. I have just recieved an email from John Greed Jewellery telling me about another competition they have started up. It is the same format as the last blogger competition which was to design a Pandora charm bracelet for under £250. This time the competition is create a mood board titled 'My valentine's wish list'. You can feature anything from their website as long as the total cost is under £250. Full details can be found at their website if you wish to have a go yourself. 

My Valentines bracelet

 photo 685d510a-c0fa-4fb5-9f9b-435752b39de1_zps645bafbf.jpg

John Greed have so many lovely jewellery pieces on their website. I'm like a little magpie when it comes to silver and gems. For my wish list, i kept it simple but extremely personal. Initially i was going to go for a necklace with matching earrings but i couldn't resist the bracelet section of the website hence why i put together this gorgeous gift.  

First on my list I would like to talk about is the beautiful red cotton Culture Freedom bracelet costing only £18.  I chose this bracelet because it is coming up to our two year anniversary. Two year anniversaries are traditionally known as your 'Biennial' or 'Cotton' anniversaries. So this bracelet would be perfect and very sentimental. Also the red is very suitable for the valentines theme. 

The 'G' and 'W' charms are from Thomas Sabo and cost £21.95. G standing for 'Gemma' and the 'W' standing for Will, my husbands name. I find the thought of having our initials on my wrists to be such a lovely idea. A little bit cheesy but i love it. 

The star charm symbolises the night we met, under the stars and the heart charm symbolises our love for each other. They are both from the Pandora range costing £35 each. I found them to work well with the theme of 'Valentines day' as well as our upcoming anniversary.

As an extra gift to reach that £250 goal, i have fallen for this gorgeous Swarovski oceanic light siam pendant.  The pendant is quite similar to the blue titanic necklace and defiantly will be a head turner. At a cost of £100 it is a dream necklace. Will look stunning worn during a valentines date.

That's my wish list coming to a total of £231.90. 

Hope you like it as much as i do. 

Gem x


  1. Very cute and an interesting pick for your Pandora band :)

    1. The charms clip on so they should look ok with a ribbon band. :)