Wednesday, 13 February 2013

What to wear to:

The races. 

The Racing season is nearly upon us and as women we are expected to show up dressed to impress. The sport is quickley becoming more of a fashion show with women competiting in the 'who is wearing the best hat' game. In the past few years, new etiquette rules have been put in place to keep the dress code formal. These include skirt length and the banning of strapless dresses and fascinators in some areas. 

Today i thought i would give you some hints and tips on what to wear to the race track:

  1. Before you go, check what the dress code is for the day. Some race days can be quite casual but Ladies day is usually formal dress with a hat. 
  2. Dress smart but comfortable. The outfit is going to be on you for a long day, so look for a simple shift dress or summer dress that you can layer and accessorise. For me, a flowery day dress is better than an evening cocktail dress.
  3. Accessories can take a plain dress and make it look fantastic – if you go for a large print then bring the size of your accessories down.
  4. Try not to reveal to much of yourself. Choose between cleavage or legs not both.
  5. Wear or bring a pretty cardigan or jacket to go with your dress. Remember it can get very cold, start raining or just become very windy out of nowhere. Try not to create your outfit for a hot summers day, this is England and layering is the name of the game.
  6. Shoes can make or break an outfit, but go for comfort as well as looks because you’re going to be in them all day sometimes on grass, disappearing into the soil is not an elegant look. With a shift dress, low pretty pumps can look great as can wedge sandals.
  7. Trousers are an option especially really trendy ones that are shorter in the leg (then they don’t get grass stained and wet) but remember if you have short legs, wear them with high wedges.
  8. Bringing a small umbrella in your handbag that tones with your outfit is always a good idea.
  9. A bag that can lodge under your arm or cross over your body always helps when you’re trying to drink your champagne and fill in your betting slip.

 Four of my top outfit ideas:

Floral day at the races

Dress £35 Lady V/ Hat £13 Candie's/ Sunglasses £7 ASOS/ Bag £35 ASOS/

Vintage day at the races

Collar £20 Oliver Bonas  / Coat £75 Topshop / hat / Dress £50 Oasis / Bag £39 Dorothy Perkins / 

Part of the gang... 

You do not need a parachute to skydive. You only need a parachute to skydive twice.

what to wear at the races

True Decadence black blazer / ASOS flat shoes, £25 / Oasis cross body handbag / Volcom hat, £19 / Dress £44 Topshop /

Hope you enjoyed this post and it has helped you a little in deciding what to wear to the track. Which outfit is your favourite?

Gem x


  1. Love each of these outfits! Especially the dogtooth blazer!! And I have that Topshop dress in the last moodboard, need to crack it out again I think...if only I was going to the races!! xx

  2. These outfits look great, i'm going to the races in the summer and i'm so glad i came across this post. Now following on GFC.
    Love Sammie x