Thursday, 7 February 2013

My Amazon Wish List part 3.

Hello ★

It's Thursday, the day i show you guys what is on my Amazon Wish list this week. Today's list is again a little random, containing beauty, fashion and entertainment. 

amazon wishlist part 3
1. Three tier Cream Cake Stand £13.19 / 2. Naked2 by Urban Decay palettes £51.99 / 3. Kate Spade Flicker Melinda Patent Leather Satchel Firefly Yellow £215 / 4. Lindy Bop wiggle dress £29.99 / 5. Classique Ladies Bicycle £175 / 6. The Silver Linings Playbook  £5.03 / 7. My Mad Fat Diary - Series 1 Dvd £15.99

1. The three tier cake stand is on my wish list, not for displaying cakes, but for makeup storage. I have seen this idea on a lot of blogs and just love the idea of having this on my dressing table. It allows me to be able to see my makeup and to pick products up quickly rather than wasting minutes searching through my drawers. I am also trying to transform my bedroom into a shabby chic boudoir and this stand will tie in nicely with the rest of the room. 

2. The Urban Decay Naked palettes are something i have been lusting after for so long now. They are actually quite expensive on Amazon so I very nearly pulled them off this list, but in the end decided to keep them on as the colours are so lovely and I need one in my life. I have found them cheaper on Beauty Bay for £32 each. 

3. This Kate Spade satchel in yellow is amazing. I visited London on Saturday and the girl sat next to me on the train had this bag. She was dressed head to toe in black and this handbag just stood out to me in a sea of people. I love the idea of adding a bold colour to an otherwise plain outfit. I have found some neon bags on the high street which i am definitely treating myself to on payday. 

4.  In my quest to change my look to more 1940's vintage, i have come across this LBD dress from Lindy Bop for £29.99. I love the sheer sleeves and the hour glass silhouette. Its so classic and gorgeous. 

5. Recently i have been addicted to Tumblr (gemmasthoughtsandloves if you wish to follow me). I have come across quite a few photos of these bikes being used by girls. I love anything with a vintage look and have secretly wanted a bike with a basket since seeing the film One Day. I probably won't be buying this pink version and think i would rather have a creme or pastel blue one. With having to walk quite far on my school runs every day, i think a bike will be extremely useful for me. 

6.  The silver linings playbook has been very recommended to be by a fellow book fan. Also, with the film coming out in cinemas i really want to read the book before i see the film. From the book description it tells us how the lead character Pat Peoples believes his life is a movie written by God and is determined to make his life a funny rom-com with a happy ending. This interests me so I'm definitely looking forward to reading this. 

7. Who doesn't like 'My Mad Fat Diary'? I have caught the show on E4 and just love it. I can kind of relate to Rae and her life. I too was an outcast, experienced issues with mental health, as well as body issues whilst growing up. The series one box set isn't out till 25th February but have already pre ordered this. 

There's this weeks wish list. Any products there that are also on your wish list? Hope you are having a great Thursday!   

Gem x


  1. Love the crazy bright bag!

  2. Love the bag, bike and ooft silver linings playbook! What a wish list x

  3. You'll love the Naked pallets! They truly are amazing!