Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Mr Selfridge: Get the Look

Mr selfrigde
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Something a little bit different from my normal Wednesday post today. Recently I have been really addicted to the new T.V series, Mr. Selfridge. I love all types of period dramas and secretly wish i could live in those eras with a stately home, fine jewels, corsets and Mr. Darcy galloping towards me on a white stallion. It that just me? 

The t.v series is set in 1910 and tells the story of a man, Harry Gordon Selfridge, with a mission to open a department store on Oxford street that changes the way people shop. He wanted women to experience the same trills as sex when shopping and also to gain a sense of empowerment. 

I love the costume design in the show but not too sure about the bird nest hairstyles featured on the two main shop assistants Doris and Kitty. My favourite outfits of the show have to be the dresses and elaborate hats worn by the wealthy ladies of Selfridges.

Around the time Selfridges opened, female independence was beginning to spread including the beginning of the suffragettes. The costumes designed by James Keast, who also worked on Titanic back in 1997, maintained the authenticity of the era with wonderful large brimmed hats, lavish furs, jewels and feathers. Make up was a rarity though.

Get the look: Lady Mae

(images: Itv)

Lady Mae

Feather cape £65 Biba at House of Fraser / Dress £18 House of Fraser / Biba mini lace pillbox £80 House of Fraser / Necklace Aliexpress/ Handbag £35 A-wear / 

Have you been watching Mr. Selfridge? What to you think of it? 

Gem xx

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