Friday, 15 February 2013

A Beauty Review: Vo5 Shampoo and conditioner

Happy Friday!

I have been using these wonderful hair care products for the past month now and wanted to share my love for them with you. This is the second product from the new Vo5 range i have reviewed (click here for previous post) where i gave you my opinion on the heat protection serum which is still a part of my everyday haircare routine. As I loved this product I decided to give their shampoo and conditioners a go. 

What the website states

With extracts of Satin Silk and a subtle fruity fragrance with hints of jasmine and orange flower, this fabulous duo will unlock shine for a sleek and glossy transformation. Your hair will have no choice but to behave!

Unlike most product descriptions, Vo5 actually speak the truth. I have incredibly damaged, frizzy hair which is screaming out for some sort of treatment. The shampoo and conditioner has definitely changed my hair for the better. Here's why: 

As my hair is thick and long, it takes me a long time of painful untangling of all the knots washing has caused. The Vo5 conditioner has 
eased this for me. My hair is smooth enough to run a brush straight through it, which is just shows how amazing this product is. I have also found that after a blow dry, my hair is left smooth and a lot easier to style. I am a busy mum of two attention seeking but lovely boys so dropping down the time it takes to dry and style my hair is extremely helpful to me. My hair is now glossy and leaves that salon finish I love. My husband approves of the smell too and i admit it is gorgeous. 

You can buy these 500ml shampoos and conditioners from most stores but i brought mine from Boots for £3.99 each. 

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