Friday, 8 February 2013

Maybelline Dream Satin liquid foundation review.

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Today's product up for review is the 'Maybelline Dream Satin liquid foundation'. I popped into Superdrug yesterday in search of a new foundation as the current one i am using, the collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation, makes my skin look flakey. Not a good look. I was recommended the Maybelline foundation by a very helpful member of staff who must have seen me struggling to decide which foundation to buy. There are so many different ones to choose from! Anyway, I am very happy with my purchase and here's why. 

Here's what the website says: 


• Air-whipped liquid provides perfecting coverage for 100% poreless skin.
• Full yet lightweight coverage.
• Satin perfect, luminous finish.
• Ideal for normal skin.
• Won’t clog pores, suitable for sensitive skin.
• Oil-free, fragrance-free, tested under dermatological control.
The Maybelline Dream Satin foundation comes in eight shades: Light porcelain 4, Ivory 10, Cameo 20, Nude 21, Sand 30, Fawn 40, Sun beige 48, and Caramel 60. 
I chose to buy this foundation in shade Ivory 10. This was the lightest they had at the time but actually looks pretty good on my pale skin. At first i thought it looked a little too dark but was quickly reminded that spring/ summer is on its way, so will be prefect for when my skin gets a little more tanned. The foundation is beautiful to apply. I just pumped a little on my hand, then using my finger tip, worked it into my skin. It also works well when applied with a foundation brush. I found the the dream satin foundation gives me an even light to medium coverage, although it does work well if you're wanting to build up the foundation to gain more coverage without it looking too cakey. On closer inspection, i have also noticed that the foundation doesn't streak. I hate it when a foundation gives me those dark lines above my jaw bone. 
My only negative problem I found was that it has very poor staying power. I used it yesterday morning and by the evening, I found i needed to redo my whole face. Also my skin looks slightly shiny and had to use a powder on top of the foundation. Overall, i probably wouldn't buy this again just because the negatives over rule the positives for me. That said i will probably still use this one up. You can pick up this foundation in most drugs store. I brought mine from Superdrug for £5.99 reduced from £7.99. 

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  1. If you like this and are still wanting a little more staying power maybe try their dream matte mousse?
    I used it for years but recently switched to Lush's foundation
    But I would still reccommend it!

  2. Nice review :)