Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Autumn/ Winter Layering

Winter is a extremely difficult season  to dress stylish for. You feel you have to wear as many layers as possible in order to stay warm. Its OK though, its on trend as layering has been seen all over the 2012 Autumn and Winter cat walk shows. 

My layering tips:

1. Choosing a certain mood for your colours. For example, if you look at the picture below, the designer has used different shades of the same colour in different amounts of clothing to illustrate layers. This is called complex layering so that you can’t focus on just one object but take in the whole effect. Or if you like, you could just go out-right bold and colourful!

2. Textures – Be adventurous! Mix that fluff with that leather. It’ll look hot!

3. The more the merrier! If you can’t do it now, when can you?! Embrace fashion and pile it on!

Some of my favourite street looks

Cute jumpers with collars:

I love cute jumpers with peter pan collars and these girls really carry off this look well. I love the mix of evening with day wear. I am especially in love with that cute cat jumper.

Leather and wool mix up:

I love these cute wool jumpers paired with a leather mini. My favourite of the two is the look below. The over sized boyfriend coat paired with a cute leather mini skirt and grey tights is really simple but beautifully stylish.
 This stunning girl wears a Mongolian lambs wool coat, which I think looks amazing. Not something i would wear myself but she is defiantly working those layers by pairing the coat with a hand-bleached plaid Ralph Lauren shirt and Jesus print t-shirt. A leather mini skirt and weather-worn Dr. Martens complete the outfit.

Read on to get the layered look:

Get the look 

Cute Pastels
la parisienne

Autumn oranges

Now I remember the joy and the meaning of the Fate The colour of the truth and the sound of sunny days.

Aubin & Wills merino sweater, £135 / Orange blazer, £63 / Vintage boots, £38 / D&G d g, £445 / Metal jewelry, £6.22 / Sequins Peter Pan Collar, £13

Be Bright and Floral

Ray-Bans, floral jeans, neon blazer and color block bag

T By Alexander Wang long sleeve silk blouse, £65 / Oversized blazer, £110 / Topshop printed jeans, £57 / Cole Haan wingtip oxford, £110 / Reed Krakoff mini handbag, £185 / Forever 21 necklace, £5.53 / Ray-Ban optical, £100 / Madewell straw fedora, £19


  1. Love these looks - especially the first three catwalk photos and the gorgeous pastels. Gave me lots of ideas - thank you!

  2. great inspirations :)