Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Looking for a cheap page to advertise your blog on?

*This is not a sponsored post. Just wanted to share with you. :)

I am now using Passionfruit ads to allow an easy and less complicated way for people to advertise on my blog. I had been debating for a while about whether or not to make the jump to Passionfruit Ads but so far I have heard nothing but good reviews about them, so why not give 'em a try. No more end-of-the-month stress trying to make sure all of my sponsors are up, with the correct links and proper sizes which i have struggled with on a blog I wrote a few years ago.
I've noticed more and more of my blog friends are making the switch, and after seeing that Sprinkle of Glitter uses them, I decided it was the best thing for me. I am now all signed up and got all of my codes fixed up. Also sorted out two simple and inexpensive packages. This blog is still young so won't be charging much. See my blog stats to see how many ad views you'll receive. I placed my family blog button on here for a month and gained at least 30- 50 clicks a day on there.

Here's what this means for everyone:
-When Ads are purchased, they will be displayed immediately (after approval). No more waiting for the 1st of the month to see your ad go live. Once you purchase an ad, I get an email letting me know I have a new sponsor to approve and you'll see your ad go up as soon as I approve it. I check my emails regularly, so you wont have to wait long to see your ad on my page. I will also email you to say thank you for sponsoring me. Choose a 'Gemma's beautiful ad' I will write a blog post about your site the day you sponsor me.

If you feel that your blog or business fits in with 'Gemma's beautiful finds', I would absolutely love to have you! :)

To anyone considering Passionfruit, I definitely say give them a shot and see if you like their services. Please check out my ad packages and see if are interested. They are in dollars so sorry if that confuses some people but still very cheap. If you still are not convinced about using Passionfruit ads then still feel free to contact me via email: gstevens108@aol.com.


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