Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Cosmopolitan magazine December 2012 issue: Vo5 smoothly does it freebie.

I got Cosmo magazine today. Its my favourite of all the magazines as I find you get more reading material for your money. This December issue had two covers to choose from, One Direction or The Kardashian sisters. One Direction are a great boy band at the moment, but I'm into fashion and knowing that the Kardashians have a new range out at Dorothy Perkins, I wanted to get their cover to see if there is more about the collection inside. Turns out the magazines are both the same, its just the covers that are different. Silly me.

 This month, Cosmo gave us a little bonus of two free gifts, which were a vo5 smoothly does it bottle & a discount book. I found a Maybelline foundation colour guide, Rimmel foundation & Nivea primer too. Quite alot of samples there to try out. 

I gave this very large sample a go this morning and I loved it. Defiantly going to purchase a bottle when this one runs out. Vo5 smoothly does it is a heat defence serum that keeps your hair smooth and protects while blow drying or straightening.
My hair has been bleached many times and I curl or straighten every day so my poor hair is pretty damaged. I know I really should start using products as my hairdresser keeps telling me.  
 I decided that I should give my hair a fighting chance and have been reading blogs looking for the most recommend product out there. A few of people have said they love this Vo5 frizz free cream and so was happy to find a free bottle with my Cosmo this month. Looking at the superdrug website I have found it isn't too pricey in the shops. For £3.89 i think you are getting a really good product for your money. I am thinking about purchasing the matching shampoo and conditioner to see if my hair can be as beautiful as the girl in the ad (see below).
The formula of this can only be described as water. Its quite runny, not at all gloopy and my hair just absorbs it completely. The main selling point for me is that it doesn't leave your hair feeling tacky or sticky at all and it also doesn't leave your hands sticky like I've found most mooses to do. It also adds extra shine to your hair and definitely pro-longs that lovely clean hair feeling. It also pro-longs styling- like when I straighten my hair for example, it stays a straighter for longer when I use this afterwards than it does if I don't use it at all. Another great thing about it is the lovely smell. It leaves your hair with that 'I've just left the salon' smell. Know what i mean?




  1. I love getting samples they are always so much fun! I didn't realize cosmo had so much reading material....hmmm, I think I'll check it out. As for frizz great tip! I've been using a product called Oro Fluido and it's pretty amazing, check it out if you get a chance.

  2. Hi Caroline. Would recommend cosmo. plenty of samples and fashion reads. Thanks for the tip off about Oro Fluido, will check it out.

    Gem x