Thursday, 15 November 2012

Ideal home Christmas show

This is what i did today:

PhotobucketMy gorgeous Mum in law, Lisa invited me to come with her to the Ideal home Christmas exhibition taking place at London's Earl court. I love Christmas so couldn't turn the offer down.

On arrival we were greeted by real snow!!! and father Christmas on his sleigh. This made me very happy, almost like I turned into a child again happy. The crowds were manic getting in so couldn't take many pictures of the outside but tried my best for you guys.
Photobucket Inside, we were taken back at how gigantic the place was and just knew we weren't going to see everything in a day. The place was carpeted white and surrounded by fir trees which looked stunning. Hanging from the ceiling was a large cone of fairy lights and tinsel. Just stunning. Down stairs as you can see from the picture on the left was all the lovely craft shops and in the middle was the Dancing on ice skate rink. Lisa and I are not skaters so avoided that one. Up stairs was the best part in my opinion. Christmas food and fashion and beauty, all in one space. Heaven!

Our first aim was to watch the fashion show but we got distracted by Laurence Llewelyn Bowen, our first celebrity spot. He is actually really handsome in real life and a really nice person. We then got distracted again, this time by an Hawaiian hairstylist. She was desperate to make us buy her hair straighteners and claimed them to be better than GHD's. After having my hair straightened, I thought they just are not worth the money at £75 but it was still nice to have my hair done for free.

After four more stalls grabbed us to look at their products, we eventually found the catwalk. We arrived slightly late and there were no names of the clothing lines to be seen but it was hosted by Models of Diversity. A agency who employs any size, race, or ability. It was amazing to see them. The first models to walk the runway wore beautiful lace underwear (I couldn't take photos of the underwear). Loved seeing that the models where from size 6 to 16. They looked really beautiful. Next came sports wear, men's fashions and evening wear. My two favourites were this beautiful long white flowing gown with a tribal style top underneath and a long sheer black dress in a similar style. I really wish they had some sort of screen so we knew who made the dresses. Would love one for myself.
All the models had their hair styled almost in a birds nest type look. My mum in law, Lisa hated it, especially seeing that the men also had the same hair styles.I actually found it to look quite glamorous and interesting.
After the fashion show, we hits the shops. My best purchase was a Moyou nail stamping kit. The girl literally grabbed by arm and started stamping my nails. There was no stopping her. Seeing what she has done made it all OK. All she did was to place a little bit of nail polish on a silver pattern plate, scraped off some excess, rolled a stamper over the top, then placed it on one of my nails. The middle one was the one I tried myself, hence the messiness but i fell in love with them enough to make a purchase. A small basic kit with two pattern discs costs £15.99. Defiantly recommend buying one or getting one as a gift for Christmas.
My highlight of the day was seeing the Jersey boys. I am admittedly a huge west end theatre nut. I love love musicals. I hadn't yet seen the Jersey boys and they didn't disappoint. Their voices are amazing and their smiles, wow.


  1. This looks awesome!!! And those nails look amazing! :)

    Please check out my latest post if you have a few minutes spare :)



  2. This looks like an amazing day out! I can't believe you got to see Lawrence. I get so over excited by a celeb. Lizz x

  3. Thank you. The show was amazing. Really got me in the christmas mood even though its only november. I did get a bit shy around laurence hense why there's no photo of me with him. I love his collections.
    Gem x

  4. Looks like you had an amazing time! Love the nails by the way. I can't wait until our Christmas Market opens.