Wednesday, 21 November 2012

My fashion Vouchers Challenge: Christmas party outfit.

Last week I received an email from to tell me about their fashion blogger challenge. The challenge is to find the best Christmas party outfits for £100 and under. There are three £100 fashion vouchers for the three best outfits, and each entrant needs to pick one merchant from the list of all the merchants on, to create their outfit from. As a lover of putting outfits together, I couldn't help but participate.
My 'merchant' of choice is Missguided.  I've chosen this shop as i am very familiar with their clothing and so know this is a great place to shop. Looking through their party outfits, i think I've made a excellent choice.

This is my Christmas outfit:

Christmas party outfit


So, these are my picks! This is a Christmas party outfit so I decided  to choose a festive berry red colour of dress. It really caught my eye. Also, I'm all about studs at the moment (I have an inner rock chick) so when I saw this gorgeous dress I knew exactly how I wanted the rest of my outfit to look!  The clutch bag, I admit is a bit Bah Humbug but I love it and thought it suited the look of the dress well. My favourite piece in this outfit is the Bellenca leather jacket with a fur collar. Who wants to be cold on a night out? You will really look stylish and feel warm at the same time wearing this one. Love the fur collar. Unfortunately I ran out of money for shoes, but every girl has a pair of cute heels in her wardrobe, right?

This outfit comes to a grand total of: £94.98  

Hope you like it!!

Fancy a go at creating an outfit? Visit and their homepage for more details.

Gem xx

P.s Fancy a early christmas sing- a - long. This is my favourite:



  1. Love it and what a great deal!

  2. wow that dress is gorgeous xxx

  3. Thank you everyone. I really want this outfit. Gorgeous isnt it. xx