Wednesday, 7 November 2012

My favourite winter coat


At the moment my growing collection of blazers,  jackets, winter coats is getting slightly out of control but I love them all too much to throw away. Last week i found myself trolling through Ebay looking for a vintage inspired coat. I told myself 'No Gemma, you have too many coats'. But that darn buy it now button just told me to click it and I've ended up with this amazing coat. I love it.
The material is a tweed wool with a detachable fur collar. It is fairly thin so wont be ideal for when the winter really sets in with its horrible minus degree temperatures but for autumn its perfect. It fits in with the heritage trend which is big at the moment but in my opinion the vintage look of the coat makes it timeless. I brought it for a bargain price of £30 and the brand is Florence and Fred Aka. Tesco. I have always hated wearing supermarket clothes but this coat is an exception and looks like its come from a high end boutique. I fully recommend checking out this years coat range at f&f, found some really beautiful coats on their website.
Do you have a favourite coat style? Free feel to leave a comment or post your pictures on my forum.


  1. Great coat, and I love the pics.


  2. Thank you. My five year old takes them. Very good photographer in the making.

  3. Lovely coat, very vintage. I think I love the fur collar.

    I`m so into jackets too.
    I have a lot of jackets than my pants.
    A friend of mine told me to get new pants or blouse instead of new coat
    but of course I can`t stop myself so I got new trench goo. lol


  4. Surprising that you got that jacket for only £30, Robyn! I mean, it looks more expensive than what it actually costs. As to your question, I am still looking for a winter coat, but not for me, it’s for my girlfriend. I think I am going to get her something similar to yours. Hope I can find a good one!

    Joel Salmon

  5. yeah!! Really your winter coat is too awesome as same like you :)
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