Monday, 5 November 2012

Topshop nails

I don't really have a big collection of nail varnishes, but just have main block colours such as red, black and a plum to go with outfits that I have in my wardrobe. When I was in Topshop the other week I saw the collection whilst in the queue and just picked one up on a whim, blinded by all the pretty colours they have on show. I didn't really have much time to choose, but have been lusting after metallic nails for a while since seeing them on other blogs. I purchased 'Mermaid', a lovely light metallic bluey silver.

'Nails in Eclipse' by Topshop
Plain shades retail at £5 but special metallics or glitter polish retail at £6 which was how much i paid for the mermaid shade. To be honest I think that's an OK price but won't normally pay it. I think it was an impulse buy but I'm pretty impressed with it. It applies really easily and smoothly compared to some of the other nail varnishes that I've used, though I do find that it can be a little streaky and uneven looking at times. It defiantly requires at least two layers. I wore it for a whole week and it lasted the whole time and still looked great at the end of the week which was a surprise for me since my nail varnish usually ends up chipping really bad while doing my day to day chores. They have so many colours to choose from and I'd love to add some more to my little collection. I think the next buy would be a darker metallic such as 'Nails in Eclipse' which is a beautiful sea green type colour.  Overall, I think they're really great quality and I'd definitely recommend them. 
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