Thursday, 22 November 2012

Barratts Christmas Giveaway.

Today, I was excited to receive another email telling me about an exciting giveaway. This time it was from Barrats shoes asking me if I was interested in entering their giveaway that they were holding.

The Prize is in two parts and worth £100.

The first part of a £30 giveaway is over on Kel Loves blog. <go and say hi.

The second part is worth £70 and is open to bloggers only. To enter this giveaway, you have to create an outfit post for a festive occasion. The outfits should be designed to fit one of a range of Christmas situations which can be either:
*A walk in a winter wonderland
* Christmas party
* A shopping Outfit
*Christmas day outfit
* Or anything else festive you can think of.

The clothing can come from any website you choose, but the shoes must come from Barratts. Also, don't forget Barratts have their own range or bags and accessories, so you can also use these in your outfits!

Since i have already created a party outfit, I thought i would do a long day of Christmas shopping outfit:
Barrats creepers

For my Long Shopping Day outfit I wanted to make sure the outfit would be completely comfortable, shoes being the most important ones. I tried wearing heels once on a long shopping trip and had to be helped home by my poor friend. Never again! 
I chose a pair of simple black Creepers that cost a bargain price of £25.00. Feel these look amazing and are so cosy on your feet.
The rest of the outfit comes from the wonderful topshop. I found a stunning Christmas holly jumper for £50, and paired it with a cute leather skirt. I have also added a ox blood collar which costs £22.00 to add a little more style and detail.  I chose a cross body bag which is ideal to free up those hands so you can carry more shopping bags! Finally, I had to add a cute Christmas pudding beanie I found in River Island. It costs £15.99 and found it to be such a cute little find.

Hope you like the outfit.


  1. Ah! What a great shopping outfit. I love that sweater.

  2. Love the jumper - so cute!


  3. I lvoe that jumper!
    Thanks for yor entry!
    Kel x x