Sunday, 27 January 2013

Benefit "They're Real" Mascara review.

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Time for me to start writing up some beauty reviews. I will probably be blogging about a new product everyday this week, starting with the very popular Benefit They're real mascara.

This product was recommended to me by literally everyone, from bloggers to personal friends. I feel though that everyone has different preferences when it comes to makeup, so without splashing out too much money on a product I potentially won't like,  I have got my hands on a small sample size mascara. This was included in Benefit's Gina goes glam gift set which i brought on the sales page of their website for £19.67. 

The plastic comb has plastic bristles on the tip so you could easily get into the harder to reach areas of your eyes like the inner corners of the lash line and lower lashes. Not really something i have used before but i am impressed with this concept.

When I first used this product on my lashes, I wasn't too blown away. I am currently using Maybelline's Cats eyes which i love to pieces so I'm sorry to say this mascara doesn't beat it for me. I feel it only beats the cats eyes mascara in the fact that it doesn't clump up. 

(please excuse the crazy eyes pic) You can kinda of see in the photo how the mascara makes my eye lashes look fuller and longer, but this is with five coats applied. Maybe i got an duff product or something as most reviews state they only needed one. 

I love having long lashes and if I add five layers of Benefit "they're real" then it does kind of look like I'm wearing falsies. For me the mascara is not worth the price, especially hearing that it drys up after a month. So overall, i will not be repurchasing this mascara and instead will be sticking with my Maybelline's cats eyes. 

What did you think of this product? 

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  1. I am completely addicted to this mascara, i struggle to find mascaras that lengthen my lashes and this one of the few that do xx

  2. ah its unusual to hear someone say this didn't work well for them,... one coat on my eyelashes to crazy things to them and I love this mascara so much!
    tis the funny thing about beauty products though, how they work differently for people, so at least you've got one you're happy with! :)

    1. Im hoping i didn't receive a dodgy product. Did lengthen them a bit but not as much as other mascaras i have tried. x

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    1. Thank so much. Always nice to receive these. x