Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Weekend of Les Mis and a few outfits ★

Hello my lovely readers ♥

I was going to start posting 'what I'm wearing today'  posts but this weekend i have been rather busy with the family to sit down at my computer. So I'm am just going to compile my pictures into one big post.


Friday nights are spent with friends at our local family friendly pub. We like to chat about the week and let the kids run around with their friends. Everyone normally dresses very casual here but as i have spent all week in leggings, wellies and baggy tops i wanted to make some effort.

I wore a white dress with a peter pan collar from my favourite shop Primark. It has a horse and woodland print with a purple belt. For some reason i find myself buying a lot of clothing items that have collars, i just love them.  This dress was in the summer 2012 sale for £5. Bargain.


I have a little more to say about Saturday. Today was the day i finally got to see Les Miserables at the cinema. If you follow me on Twitter or are friends with me on facebook you'll know that i am a massive Les Miserables geek. I have all the cast recordings, seen every film made and been to the queens theatre twice. My review of the film? I can't say i was happy with it entirely. I'm sorry to say Russell Crowe ruined it for me. He is not a singer bless him. When he started to sing one of my fav songs 'Stars' i was so disappointed. Also as much as i was impressed with Amanda Seyfield's singing in Mamma Mia, i felt see struggled with the high notes playing Cosette. Hugh Jackman was amazing though and I admit i cried when Anne Hathaway performed 'I dreamed a dream'. So emotional and so perfect. My favourite girl was of course Samantha barks. She is the one and only Epoinine. She really should have got more credit for her role. Have you seen the film yet? Let me know your thoughts on it or if you are also a fellow Les Miserables geek. 

As the film is a massive three hours long i decided to dress comfy casual. I wore my favourite Atticus jumper from, (I'm sorry i cannot remember how much this cost), with my grey skinny jeans from Primark. 


Today we woke up with the intention of having a very lazy Sunday. It has been a very busy week for us with work, extreme house cleaning, school and job hunting. However while making breakfast we realised we had no food in the cupboards so a quick shopping trip was needed. Yesterday before the cinema, i sneakily ran in to Topshop to see what was left on the sale rails. I found this dress which i have actually been after for a while now. It cost me £20 reduced from £38. Even though it may be a little to dressy for food shopping i still cant help showing off my new purchases. 

It is a deep red skater dress with capped sleeves. The material is textured and thick, ideal for the winter. Also the dress is stretchy which i love even though the dress is unfortunately a size to big due to being the only one left. I teamed it with my favourite Primark bow belt, black wooly tights and my Chelsea boots also Primark.

Let me know your thoughts on the Les miserables film.
Thanks for reading.
Gem x


  1. I have that same Atticus jumper - Love it! your dress in the top pic is really cute too!
    I haven't got down to see Les Mis yet but hope I do soon!

  2. Great outfits, I'm really loving that red dress!