Monday, 28 January 2013

My place or yours? Benefit's Gina perfume review.

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Another Benefit product to review today. As I said in my "They're Real" review i purchased the Gina goes glam gift set from the benefit website for £19.67. Other than the mascara, this gorgeous perfume was included in the box alongside a small sample of "The pore-fessional" which i am yet to try. 

On to the perfume: 

If benefit wasn't so expensive I think I would own their entire range. I am a massive fan of their fountains and blushers and love how they make my skin look and and feel. As i don't have a high disposable income, i have to very slowly build up my Benefit collection. Because of this i was very happy to discover this perfume in the sale. I have tried it before i brought it on line, at the Benefit counters in Debenhams and immediately fell in love with it. The first thing i thought when i saw the perfume sat on the counter was that it was such a different looking bottle of perfume, sort of like a  gold cocktail shaker covered in lovely patterned paper. The only bad thing being that you can't see when you are getting low. The Gina perfume comes from a line of four from Benefit's Crescent Row range. I had a tester card of all four but something drew me to this perfume as there was something slightly unusual about it. 

The perfume is described as a 'seductively, provocative and woody oriental scent' which i think is an accurate description. I also noticed a hit of raspberry but was not an overpowering fruity scent. I have never smelt this before which made the perfume even better in my opinion. I would say it is a fragrance for the evening, but will also be suitable for wear in the day if you have a lunch date or work meeting. 

Another great feature of this fragrance is that it lasts most of the day. I still smelt it on my arm and neck after five hours of wear. This is ideal if you are a busy professional or plan to stay up till the early hours of the morning. Very pleased with this. 
Overall, I am in love with this perfume. I really hope Benefit don't discontinue it as i have heard it has been on sale for a while. The full sized product of 30ml will set you back £29.50, which i think for a benefit product, is pretty reasonable, especially with its staying power. I love the woody, oriental scents and feel Benefit have done a great job with this one. 

Hope you are having a great day. 
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  1. I really love the packaging for this, never heard of it before your review so thank you for the info! :D

    1. Its one of the nicest perfume. Definitely try it. :)

  2. I have to say you write a fantastic review! Thanks for posting!!!!