Thursday, 17 January 2013

The t-shirt that everyone has.

Hello. ★

A quick blog post for you today. Just received this lovely T-shirt in the post and wanted to show it to you guys.

Yes, I have gone and jumped on the Geek t-shirt bandwagon. At first i hated this latest trend for the slogan "GEEK" t-shirts that everyone seemed to be wearing. However I just couldn't resist buying one for myself. I am actually a massive out and proud 'Geek', playing world of war craft and putting most of my free time on Internet.  I hate myself for going against my own style rules by being a 'sheep' , fashion trend jumper. There is nothing worse than going out and seeing ten other people in the same clothes. So, because of this fear, this T-shirt is only going to worn for the gym, lazing around the house or covered under a jumper. This bottle green version is not the Topshop version but a cheaper version brought on eBay for £10 Although i wont be showing it off to much, I just for some reason needed one. ♥

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