Thursday, 10 January 2013

Wearing Neon. Yes or no?

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So it looks like neon is going to be back for spring/ summer 2013. To be honest i think it will always be around especially during the warmer months. There is nothing like adding a bit colour into your look to match the cheerfulness of summer. 

I am very guilty of matching my wardrobe to my mood and to the weather. I wear a lot of deep colours such as reds, burgundies, browns and greys in the autumn, in the winter i seem to lean towards black, and then as soon as spring/ summer arrives you will see me wearing a lot of pastels and bright colours. Although i tend not to put myself in head to toe colour but instead to add a bit of colour pop to to my look. For example if i am wearing blue jeans and a casual white top, i like to add a neon belt or a coloured clutch/ handbag. I added a little example of this below, which shows how to follow the neon trend and still wear a simple LBD just by adding a few accessories. 

Neon - Turn Off the Lights!

This season i fancy being brave and treating myself to a pair of colour pop jeans like the ones below. I love these and think these will be gorgeous with a little white vest and sandals. I also fancy treating to myself to a mint green pair. Mint green is defiantly my favourite colour at the moment. The jeans cost a whopping £140 from but most high street shops stock jeans of a similar nature.

I am also loving colour pop neon skirts. When i saw this one i fell in love although I'm not to sure i will be brave enough to wear it or if it will suit my pale skin. May have to get a few spray tans for it to look any good on me. This beautiful neon number is a bargain £16 from although sadly i think it has now sold out. 

Think Neon!

So what do you think? will you be adding neon to your wardrobe? will you go head to toe in this trend or are you like me and like to add a few neon accessories?

 Gem x

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  1. I feel like the fashion world has FINALLY got neon right!
    It was always popping up, but looking really rave/chav/horrible and now it's finally being used well enough and become desirable in accent pieces :D :D