Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Floral boots and swallow collars: an outfit post.

Hello ♥

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all have had a lovely day today? Today i was planning on writing up a Primark haul but decided to turn it into a couple of outfit posts. I feel clothes can be seen better on a person rather than displayed on a bed. Everything you can see on me above was brought in Primark at the weekend so will still be in stock if you see something you like. 

The Swallow blouse cost £10 and also comes in white. I was stood in the shop for a while debating which colour to get. I even stopped a lady for advice and she said the white one. I went with the black in the end as wearing white with two children and a shredding Labrador can be disastrous. Although, my next visit to Primark might see me buying the white blouse. I love the collar so much especially when i wear it with a round neck jumper. So cute. 

The boots were my best buy at £18. I have been after a pair of Doc Martens for so long. I can never afford them but when i found these in Primark, i got slightly excited. They're a near copy, not exact. The material is not leather but a thick canvas type. They had many different varieties of colours but i decided on the floral pattern. Felt they will look lovely with a dress in the summer. 

I have a few more items to show off in up coming posts. Stay tuned. 

Gem x


  1. I love the swallows on the collar - adorable!

  2. The collar detail is super adorable and I would never have guessed your boots werent actual DM's they look fantastic :D