Friday, 18 January 2013

Friday round up

Hello ☃

Happy Friday everyone. What a long horrible week it has been. Winter has come as they say in Game of thrones. I had many things planned this week but unfortunately had to make a sensible decision to spend my time hibernating at home. The last time i braved going out in the snow, i was stuck trying to leave the city for over five hours which normally takes only ten minutes. Never again. 

Last weekend for me was a busy one, seeing Les miserables at the cinema, hitting the sales (again), finishing with a few relaxing vodkas at our local. If you haven't seen Les Miserables yet, firstly why not? and secondly go to the cinema now. Such an amazing film. My husband is already prepared to watch it over and over again when it is released on DVD. One good thing though, i have created a couple of fans in a close friend and also my husband, so now i finally have people to talk about this amazing story with. 

From top left: New bunny night light/ i discovered hot pots, they really warm you up/ Playing in the snow/ the gorgeous Hugh Jackman in Les Mis/ My favourite Topshop purchase. 

During the week, the weather has really turned ice age preventing anything really exciting happening this week. However, I am very good at making the best of a difficult situation. I have been very productive around the home by starting the big winter clear out with lots of clothes going to charity. I really need to start shopaholics therapy if there is such a thing. Also i have been trying to learn how to design web pages in the hope i can 1. make this blog look better than it does and 2. hopefully start up a blogger design service. I'm struggling with all the ccs /html codes but I'm starting to get the hang of producing headers, buttons, labels and social network buttons.

So the thing that is probably trending the most in the social networking world is this snow. It hasn't caused too many problems for us as we live within walking distant of where my husband works and the schools. However i had hoped to go into the city for a walk. My children and Labrador have loved the snow. We have been out in it trying to create a snowman without the dog destroying it. The snow has made the puppy a hyperactive monster who just cannot stop running in circles, eating up the snow as she goes.

From top left: Trying to walk the dog/ new geek tshirt/ freezing on a snowy walk/ my AF bloggers challenge dress/ ice age/

Hope you have an amazing weekend and are not snowed in like us! 

Gem xx

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