Thursday, 31 January 2013

My Amazon Wish list Part two

Hello ★

After the success of my last Amazon wish list, I have decided to make it a weekly feature. Every Thursday i am going to post a new Amazon wish list showing the products I have been mostly lusting after. 

Todays wish list is quite random with gadgets and a few things for the home and for myself. 
Amazon Wish list part two

1. Oh my goodness, this camera. It is the Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 Instant Film Camera in White. As a big fan of photography, i love the idea of being able to print off your photos as soon as they are taken. When i was growing up, i owned a Polaroid camera and was constantly taking pictures of everything i saw. My bedroom wall was just one big collage of memories. I miss that camera, so when i saw these cute cameras on Amazon, i fell in love. They come in a variety of colours from pastels to neons and from Mickey mouse to Hello Kitty. The one i have featured is the smallest camera in this range and costs only £45.95.

2.  This Batman jumper was made famous by the super model Cara Delevingne. As soon as she was photographed in one similar, super hero prints were everywhere. This is obviously not the exact jumper she wore but comes pretty close. This version costs only £6.85 but only comes in one size.

3.  How cute is this Kitsound Panda Iphone Speaker Dock. I currently have a pig speaker dock which has unfortunately now given up on life. This one cost £49.99 and is a very good contender for my replacement dock.

4. Wreck This Journal: To Create is to Destroy is a book i have seen on many of my favourite blogs. It is not your typical journal that you write your thoughts in, doodle in, add pictures etc as well as keeping it in pristine condition. This journal is for breaking the rules, getting dirty and basically asks you to destroy it. Reading all the reviews, they intrigue me to check it out myself. Will write my own review, along with more information about it when i get my hands on one.

5. Yankee Candle Large Black Cherry Jar . Having tried most yankee candles, black cherry is my absolute favourite one. The scent fills the whole house but is not too over whelming. With a cat and a dog in the house i need these in my life.

6. The Real Techniques Core Collection Kit is something i have been after for a while. My current brushes have become rough and tatty so have be asking fellow bloggers advice on the best brushes to buy. Every single one of them told me to purchase the real technique brushes. I have been slightly hesitant to buy them due to the price ( £20.99 on Amazon) but have been informed they are definitely worth the splurge.

7. This Bambi Fawn Lamp is the cutest piece of home wear i have seen for a long time. Although it is probably best seen in a children's room, i would love to have it on my bedside table. It is a costly £79.99 so will probably remain on my wish list. Let me know if you have seen any cheaper version around.

Thanks for reading and hope you are having a lovely Thursday.

Gem x


  1. ahh the fujifilm polaroid is definitely a must have! Not too pricey either, great list! I also really want the brushes, too bad I don't have real techniques where I'm at :( :D


    1. Thank you Linnie. The brushes are on amazon if you want them. :)

  2. A lovely list of wants, check eBay out for camera deals though as they usually include packs of film :)